McLardy McShane Professional Development Days

Professional development

McLardy McShane Partners held a series of Group Professional Development Days in February, heading to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. The agenda for the days included updates on insurer markets, Group compliance and marketing plus informative sessions featuring our Financial Services, Mortgages & Finance, Premium Funding divisions. Don McLardy provided a company strategic update followed up […]

McLardy McShane FightMND Golf Challenge 2022

FIghtMND Golf Challenge 2022

McLardy McShane Insurance Brokers is pleased to announce that its FightMND golf challenge 2022 event at Portsea GC on 11 February has raised over $100,000 to support FightMND, the organisation headed by AFL Legend Neale Daniher working to find a cure for Motor Neurone Disease (MND). McLardy McShane Group CEO Don McLardy said “Special thanks again to […]

AdBlue shortage highlights the need to protect Australia’s supply chain

AdBlue shortage, transport resilience, supply chain

Supply-chain challenges continue to plague Australia, most recently the global scarcity of AdBlue caused by a shortage of the chemical compound urea. It threatened Australia’s entire transport and logistics system. The decision by China to restrict exports of urea was made to protect the supply of fertilisers for their farmers and ensure food security for their […]

Don’t let your subcontractors fall through the cracks

Subcontractor risk

Sometimes the unexpected can be a pleasant surprise — like finishing a job well ahead of schedule. Learning that you’ll have to pay for workers’ compensation coverage for a subcontractor when you weren’t expecting it — well, that’s a whole other kind of surprise. In Australia, it’s increasingly commonplace for construction organisations to engage contractors, […]

Increase your disaster resilience with parametric insurance

parametric insurance

As frequent climate disasters disrupt global markets and give rise to steep economic losses, adapting our economy has become a major priority. Demand is growing for flexible insurance products that fill the gaps where traditional solutions fall short – especially in areas of complex or infrequent risk. Parametric insurance is emerging as a potential game-changer, […]

Managing your transport risk across the Chain of Responsibility

transport insurance truck

Whether you’re behind the wheel of a heavy-duty truck or responsible for loading its freight, each member of the transport supply chain has a responsibility to keep each other safe. Risk management and insurance go hand in hand, and we should all collaborate to reduce the hazards facing drivers each day. But has the pressure […]

Our story (well, the short version at least)

our story, don mclardy, mike mcshane

What’s our story? Find out straight from the source! “We met at the bar in Jupiters Casino in the early 80s at the National Insurance Brokers Association convention. We worked out we had things in common – we both liked a quiet drink, a punt on the races, the Melbourne Demons in the AFL, great […]

What do we look for in a McLardy McShane Partner?

mclardy mcshane partner

You’ve probably seen us talk about ‘What’s the attraction to McLardy McShane’ over the past few months, but we’re also asked what we look for in return when it comes to potential joint venture partners. It’s a great question, and one that we put to our Group General Manager, Meg Long. Read on to find out […]

McLardy McShane Thomas branch in Horsham proud to sponsor local athletes

horsham local insurance sponsorship

The McLardy McShane Thomas branch in Horsham is proud to sponsor two locals, Minda & Pippa Denhim as they compete for Victoria in the National Championship cycling competition in Brisbane in July. Branch Manager Steve Thomas said he was chatting with a local associate when the conversation led to his daughters and their sporting achievements and the […]

Health & Safety in a post-COVID world

Health & Safety

Health and safety is very front of mind for all businesses following COVID. Many of us might be fairly well across what we need to do differently from a pandemic perspective these days, but have we lost sight of some of the fundamental health and safety risk management measures? Risk management for both remote working […]