Empire Insurance Services is the Australian Financial Services Licensing Holding company for the McLardy McShane Group of Companies.

Since its incorporation in 2010, Empire has grown from a group of 15 people to in excess of 50.

Empire is all about attracting like-minded business owners who value strong relationships, enjoy working alongside well respected people and aim for total client protection.

We are proud and excited to offer future colleagues a well-respected, positive and professional group culture.

Our Core Values

  • We value relationships above all else
  • We attract personal, friendly and well respected people
  • We aim for total client protection

Our Value Proposition

  • We are a reputable brand
  • We offer a low cost model
  • We offer flexible AR arrangements, including joint ventures or selling your business
  • We offer full back end support including underwriter payments, systems, compliance, marketing; plus full financial support services
  • We pay monthly commission/earnings payments to help manage cash flow
  • We offer an In house binder availability
  • We provide access to broker support services
  • We provide access to McLardy McShane Financial Services
  • We provide access to Steadfast wordings and support

Corporate Authorised Representatives trading under our licence include:

  • ARMS Risk Management
  • Australian General Insurance Services
  • Blind Industry Insurance & Financial Services Pty Ltd
  • BSI Insurance
  • Connolly Insurance Services
  • CMIB Insurance Services
  • CP Insurance Services
  • Cursio Group
  • Cyber Data-Risk Managers
  • Edge Insurance Services
  • Goodflow Insurance Services
  • Hunt for Insurance Services
  • Just PI
  • McLardy McShane & Associates
  • McLardy McShane Clark
  • McLardy McShane Kaiser
  • McLardy McShane McIntyre
  • McLardy McShane Medical Insurance
  • McLardy McShane Northern
  • McLardy McShane South Gippsland
  • McLardy McShane Thomas
  • McLardy McShane Trade Credit Pty Ltd
  • McLardy McShane Warrnambool
  • National Commercial Insurance
  • Pen Insurance Brokers
  • Shield Trade Credit
  • Solutions (NCIS) Pty Ltd
  • Stewart Insurance Group
  • Stirling Services Australia
  • Truckineasy Insurance Brokers
  • TUA
  • McLardy McShane Kingscliff
  • CVIS (Central Victoria Insurance Solutions)
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